The Friday Five – A Weekly EV Blog – Week 29

Looking for the latest in ground-breaking technology development? Perhaps you want to see what’s happening in the automotive industry? Maybe you want to understand the rapid changes seen in cities? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Friday Five is here to summarize 5 new stories this week. Let’s get started!


  1. Land, Space, Now Underground?

One of Tesla’s biggest challenges in 2018 is meeting production demands. Musk wants to use The Boring Company to alleviate Tesla’s shipment congestion just as it’s meant to reduce traffic in other cities. If Tesla can launch a roadster into space, then we at NIU are sure they can move parts around Earth!


  1. The Californian Ebike

When we think of California, we think of beaches, SoCal food, and sun. The Electric Bike Company sells two ‘beach cruiser’ themed bicycles that fit into that Californian lifestyle. Interesting to note that the CEO is from South Africa. Can you think of any other successful South Africans in the EV industry?


  1. Europe’s Top-Selling E-cars

With the e-revolution gaining more momentum, we’re taking a look at the most popular e-cars of 2017. Do you own an ecar? If so, has your model appeared on this list? Let us know!


  1. E mobility Is Truly Soaring

Norway is a leader in using green transport, but the government’s latest objective has really captured our attention. The Norwegian government has said by 2040 that all short-haul flights (~1.5 hours) will be electric. It would be the first country to ever do this.


  1. The City Limits Video

Here at NIU, we believe the city is where the action is. This is an awe-inspiring video that truly captures the beauty, excitement, and happenings of cities worldwide. Enjoy.