NIU CEO Interview with CNBC at RISE Tech Conference, Hong Kong

Dr. Yan Li, CEO of NIU Technologies, today was invited to RISE Tech Conference 2019, to take part in an exclusive interview with CNBC.

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RISE gathers the people and companies who believe technology is the key to development and growth, to share their stories and insights. With previous attendees including Google, Mercedes, Siemens, AWS, BMW, and UBER, NIU joins the list of exciting companies committed to changing the way we realize our cities.

“In Beijing, in rush hour, there are 6 people squeezed in a 1 square meter space. Just think about how tight that is. Then we look at all people needing to commute in the city… [Their commutes are] roughly a distance of 10km. So electric two-wheelers turn out to be the best solution for them.”

Dr. Li goes into more detail to explain the benefits of electric two-wheelers over public transport and cars, identifying that public transport is not a door-to-door solution, while cars take up too much space for a single driver.

Yan sheds light on the technical disruption to the automotive industries in China compared to overseas markets taking place in China. While China is transitioning from lead-acid based batteries to electric mobility, overseas markets are moving away from petrol.

“As of March 31st this year, we have sold over 710,000 units globally, and all of our users have clocked 3 billion kilometers of riding distance” continues Dr. Li.

Check out the whole interview below: