NIU Launches the Future of Urban Electric Motorcycles – 5G Connected, Autonomous and Self-Balancing

Check out the newest additions to NIU’s fleet at CES, Las Vegas Convention Center, Tech East, South Hall 4, Booth 35606. 

LAS VEGAS – (Jan. 7, 2020) – NIU Technologies, a global leader in smart urban mobility solutions, introduces two new electric vehicles: the RQi-GT and TQi-GT, to add to its extensive line-up at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Committed to providing convenient and environmentally friendly ways to commute, NIU’s new ground-breaking electric vehicles aim to change the way people commute and think of urban mobility.

“Congestion is rampant in overpopulated cities, costing commuters time and money, as well as imposing a detrimental impact on the environment. At NIU, we combine style with technology to design efficient and affordable solutions to combat these urban concerns,” said Dr. Yan Li, CEO at NIU Technologies.

RQi-GT: Customizing your Commute with Unique Additions

The new RQi-GT is an urban performance electric motorcycle, allowing riders to reach the outer limits of their city at top speeds of 100 miles per hour. Distinct driving modes let drivers customize the e-motorcycle to suit their daily life and commuting needs by optimizing the vehicle’s performance. Designed and built around NIU’s advanced technology, the motor provides a peak output power of 30 kW and the two removeable batteries (combined 6.5 kWh) can take riders up to 80 miles on a single charge, making it the perfect mode of transportation for navigating both urban highways and congested city streets.

TQi-GT: Explore Your City Like Never Before Without Traffic Limitations

Revolutionizing the future and carving the way for a new vehicle category, NIU has reinvented the wheel with a unique twist and more modernized way to ride. Set out to create a vehicle that riders of any experience level would love from the moment they grab the handlebars, NIU invented the TQi-GT. The TQi-GT is NIU’s first self-balancing electric three-wheeler, which comes standard with autonomous driving functionalities, including self-parking. Designed to provide urban commuters with an advantageous way to enjoy their city, the TQi-GT can reach top speeds of 50 miles per hour and has a range of up to 80 miles to provide more than a week of urban commuting range. In order to provide additional safety features for urban drivers, the TQi-GT is also equipped with an anti-lock braking system. The vehicle’s enhanced performance and updated safety features provide drivers with a new, unmatchable way to navigate through crowded city streets.


Advanced Technology in a Carefully Crafted Design

Bringing technology to the forefront of every vehicle’s architecture, NIU conceptualized, designed and manufactured the new RQi-GT and TQi-GT from start to finish. High-performance technology featured in the new products include:

  • 5G IoT connectivity with enhanced riding data capabilities
  • A mid-mounted Belt Drive Motor, designed and built by NIU
  • IoT connected battery packs by NIU
  • High-performance battery cells provided by leading electronic manufacturer, Panasonic
  • Full TFT dashboard displays to complement the vehicle’s stylish and elegant body
  • Bluetooth-ready connection capabilities
  • Anti-theft and GPS tracking for additional safety and peace of mind

Industry-Leading 5G IoT Connectivity

Setting NIU apart from its competitors, all of NIU’s future vehicles will include enhanced 5G IoT connectivity to improve user experience. Faster than the average smartphone, this integrated, high-speed connectivity allows users to track live vehicle diagnostics and settings. Ahead of its time, the 5G IoT connectivity integration connects drivers to their vehicles like never before. Users can lock, unlock and start the vehicle right from their smartphone and monitor live GPS location, giving owners advanced control for a personalized riding experience.

24/7 Connectivity to NIU Cloud and Customized Rider Experience

The RQi-GT and TQi-GT come equipped with 24/7 5G IoT connectivity to the NIU Cloud and proprietary app. The app provides owners with peace of mind, allowing access to real-time intelligence of advanced features like GPS, anti-theft and remote tracking, vehicle diagnostics and access to a customer service help center. Additionally, NIU’s cloud-based technology ensures that each vehicle is always functioning at the highest level of performance by delivering over-the-air software updates for a truly future proof vehicle.The mass production of the new models, RQi-GT and TQi-GT, is expected in the second half of 2020 and will be made available to consumers a few months later.The current NIU smart e-moped line-up is available in select U.S. cities and can be test driven at any of NIU’s flagship stores in Austin, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, San Francisco, San Diego, D.C., Chicago and Honolulu. For more information on the RQi-GT, TQi-GT and all other existing models, visit NIU’s booth during CES 2020 at Tech East, South Hall 4, Booth 35606 or go to


As the world’s leading provider of smart urban mobility solutions, NIU designs, manufactures and sells high-performance smart e-mopeds. Since its founding in 2014, NIU has grown from a single product sold in China to a global brand across Europe and Asia. NIU has a streamlined product portfolio consisting of five series – NQi, MQi, UQi, Gova, and NIU Aero with multiple models or specifications for each series. NIU’s streamlined product portfolio that addresses the needs of different segments of the modern urban resident, while being united through a common design language that emphasizes style, freedom and technology. NIU has adopted an omnichannel retail model, integrating the offline and online channels, to sell our products and provide services. NIU has received numerous prestigious international design awards, including the German Red Dot and IF, the United States iDEA, the Japanese G-Mark, and the Chinese Red Star.

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Hayward Wong

PR Manager – NIU International