NIU, the #1 Smart Electric Scooter brand in the world, with over 240,000 scooters sold in its first two years, is launching their award winning M1 model today, the first scooter optimized for true urban mobility.

The M1 was recently awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the automotive category. “We are very humbled to have been recognized by Red Dot, and it is a testimony to our team’s incredible work to bring the M1 to life in such a short time,” says Token Hu, NIU Director and Co-founder.

Beyond the award winning industrial design, the M1 is truly a purpose-built urban mobility device. “When we looked at scooters and motorcycles currently on the streets around the world we realized a key flaw – they were not optimized for real urban driving,” says Token Hu, “they were built for open highway riding requiring high speeds and high motor output performance.”

Priced at less than 2400 Euro throughout Europe (VAT included), the M1 is engineered to cruise through congested urban streets at a speed of 45km/hr (about 15km/hr faster than average speed of most European cities) with a maximum single-charge range of more than 80km.

Instead of building a scooter with a large motor and battery with high peak speeds, Token Hu and his team decided to optimize the battery and motor engineering that allowed the team to reduce costs by eliminating redundant functions of typical urban scooters and motorcycles.

The NIU M1 also takes advantage of a robust 2000kWh Bosch motor, a 48v32aH Panasonic battery, and connectivity provided by Vodafone. NIU has created state of the art controllers to connect and manage the riding experience, including its own BMS, ECU, and server technology.

NIU is confident that no other company in the world has enough data on their riders like NIU –NIU has amassed over 400,000,000 kilometers driven in the past two years. This has allowed NIU to build the optimal scooter for urban transportation.

Not only did NIU eliminate redundant features of high performance scooters, they also set out to design a scooter that was as striking as any new release on the road today. NIU was able to achieve this while also making updates to their connected scooter line, updating the performance of GPS tracking, notifications, and battery status alerts.

M1 is available in all markets August 15, 2017.