Shanghai | June 15, 2017 –   NIU, the #1 Smart Electric Scooter brand in the world, officially announces today it has recorded over 400 million kilometers driven on its 240,000 scooters around the world, more than ten times larger than its closest competitor.

Having already raised more than $60 million in its Series A round, NIU’s founders, a collection of executives from Baidu, Frog design, Xiaomi, and Huawei want to change the urban commuting globally, and they are supporting this mission with a promise to open NIU “experience stores” in five European markets this year.


NIU currently has two products scooting around the world, the M and the N series. “When we looked at scooters and motorcycles currently on the streets around the world we realized a key flaw – they were not optimized for real urban driving,” says Token Hu, “they were built for open highway riding requiring high speeds and high motor output performance, so we set out to create scooters for real urban commuting.”

The result is a collection of scooters priced under $3000 that can ride for up to 100km on a single charge powered by a Bosch motor, a removable Panasonic battery, and Vodafone data connectivity.


The N and M Scooters are connected 24/7 with and onboard GPS and SIM Data plan with the NIU Cloud, allowing riders to download an Android or iPhone ready app to check on the battery status, riding history, and location of their scooter at any time. This 24/7 connectivity also enables theft prevention alerting an owner if any unauthorized movement of the scooter takes place.

About NIU:

NIU is the world’s #1 leading Smart electric-scooter Company, with founders from Baidu, Frog Design, Xiaomi, and Huawei, whom all aim to change urban commuting globally. Since NIU’s launch in 2015 it has recorded over 400 million km driven on their 240,000 scooters around the world, with over 300 points of sale in Europe and a promise to open NIU “experience stores” in five European markets this year. NIU has partnered with Bosch (motors), Panasonic and LG (lithium batteries), and Vodafone (connectivity) to build the future of urban mobility in the both the N Series and M Series of scooters.

NIU is a venture capital backed company with a  $60 million Series A, and two of the top-10 most successful global crowd-funding campaigns. In 2015 the N series sold $11 million in scooters in a fifteen day campaign, and then again in 2016 the launch of the M series raised another $13 million.

All NIU scooters are linked to the NIU Cloud allowing customers to be connected to their scooter 24/7 through an Android/iPhone app. Customers can check their battery status, view riding history, locate their scooter, and be alerted of any unauthorized movement of their scooter.