NIU returns for its 5th anniversary at EICMA

Milan | Italy November 6, 2019 – NIU, the world’s leading provider of smart urban mobility solutions, has presented 3 new e-scooters and 1 electric bicycle at EICMA 2019. NIU presented its full-product portfolio, including never-before-seen products at Europe’s largest two-wheeled exhibition. All NIU scooters are built with our suppliers Bosch, Panasonic, and Vodafone to release the next generation of smart e-scooters, designed for the European consumer in mind.

The MQiGT is a redesigned and more powerful version of the MQi+, which can fit two riders per e-scooter. The MQiGT is powered by a Bosch 3000W electromotor with top speeds up to 70km/h. The MQiGT can drive for a week in the city with a currently estimated range on a single charge depending on how fast the vehicle is been driven: 55km while driving at 70km/h, 95km while driving at 45km/h and 135km while driving at 25km/h.

The 2020 NIU product family additions

Previewed a day earlier at Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal – the NIU Aero EB-01 is unveiled at this year’s EICMA as NIU’s all-new electric bicycle. The NIU Aero EB-01 is the most energy efficient vehicle ever made at NIU. It features a removable 48V21Ah lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged in an estimated 4-5 hours. The NIU Aero EB-01 is powered by Bafang motor and Shimano Derailleur for the NIU Aero EB-01 powertrain, which is designed for a world-class leisure riding experience.  

In Europe, the NIU Aero EB-01 will include a Bafang 250W electromotor with top speed up to 25km/h and 60-150km currently estimated range on full power assist. In the United States, it will include a Bafang 500W electromotor with 45km/h (28 mph) max speed for 60-100km currently estimated range without pedaling. 

The NIU Aero EB-01 is expected to be sold across Europe and United States with a full two-year warranty for the motor, battery, and IOT. 

The new offering marks the company’s commitment to ongoing innovation and creating new options that are customized for local markets. NIU is committed to continuously provide global customers with more convenient and environmentally friendly smart urban mobility vehicles that redefine urban mobility and make life better.

NIU is additionally expanding the NQi-Series that is designed for urban commuters who need an extra range with NQiGTs Pro.  The NQiGTs Pro is designed with larger 14” wheels tailored for performance riding with dual 60V 35Ah batteries. The NQiGTs Pro is powered by a Bosch 3000W electromotor with top speeds up to 70km/h. The currently estimated range on a single charge is 70km while driving 70km/h, 100km while driving 45km/h and 150km while driving 25km/h. 

NIU is making a massive overhaul on its global UQi series with the introduction of the brand new UQiGT Pro. It is expanded from the UQi series’ simplistic design and a lightweight curb body that is favored by short-distance urban commuters. UQiGT Pro is powered by a Bosch 1200W electromotor with top speeds up to 45km/h. The currently estimated range on a single charge is 50km while driving 45km/h and 85km/h while driving 25km/h.

All scooters come with a prepaid Vodafone SIM card which allows for a 24/7 connection to the NIU app. The app provides owners with real-time intelligence such as GPS, anti-theft tracking, remote tracking, scooter diagnostics, and a help center. Furthermore, NIU uses the riding data from all scooters to constantly optimize the performance of its fleet.

“We aim to bring a new concept of mobility to Europe, enabling people to try a new lifestyle and way of exploring the urban world,” says Token Hu, NIU co-founder. “With the global e-mobility market expected to reach $62.2 billion by 2025, cities are looking into alternative ways of transport to reduce traffic congestion and the resultant air pollution. We are confident that our two all-new e-scooters will help transform the face of urban mobility by offering a high-tech, fun and sustainable alternative to other means of transport.”

‘’We see many millennials switching to e-scooters for their daily commute; the first thing they consider ahead of purchasing, is whether it makes them look good, and if it addresses their generation’s needs and expectations” VP of Design, Carl Liu added.

By the end of the second quarter on June 30th 2019, NIU has sold more than 810,000 scooters worldwide and accumulated 3 billion kilometers rider mileage across 34 countries since its launch in 2014.

The new products will be in stores within the first half of 2020. The newly launched products will be available for test drives. Book a test drive at

About NIU

As the world’s leading provider of smart urban mobility solutions, Niu Technologies (NASDAQ: NIU) designs, manufactures and sells high-performance smart e-scooters. Since its founding in 2014, NIU has grown from a single product sold in China to a global brand across Europe and Asia. NIU has a streamlined product portfolio consisting of three series, NQi, MQi and UQi, with multiple models or specifications for each series. NIU’s streamlined product portfolio that addresses the needs of different segments of the modern urban resident, while being united through a common design language that emphasizes style, freedom and technology. NIU has adopted an omnichannel retail model, integrating the offline and online channels, to sell our products and provide services. NIU has received numerous prestigious international design awards, including the German Red Dot and IF, the United States iDEA, the Japanese G-Mark, and the Chinese Red Star. For more information, please visit