NIU’s Smart Scooters Ready to be Tested at E_mob in Milan

The world’s leading provider of smart urban mobility solutions demonstrates its technology at the 3rd national conference on electric mobility

Milan, 09.09.2019 – NIU, the world’s leading provider of smart urban mobility solutions, distributed in Italy through its Partner KSR Group,  is pleased to announce that a fleet of scooters, including test drives, is going to be available at the most important Italian event of electric mobility:

The e_mob 3rd national conference on electric mobility, taking place in Milan, Lombardia, from September 26th to 28th.

NIU’s booth at the exhibition is going to show a diverse range of models, including the electric cargo scooter “NCargo”, the M+ and the “NSharing” that is especially designed for scooter sharing fleets. The latter is going to be the model used in GoVolt’s 150 scooter sharing-fleet, which is meant to revolutionize Milan’s urban traffic in 2020.

In addition, NIU is going to offer the L3-class model NGT as well as another M+ as test drive vehicles at the conference’s testing area.

The International and Italian NIU Team will be at the conference for B2B and B2C requests.

Milan is considered one of the cities with the highest potential in electric mobility throughout Europe through continuous growth in the sharing fleets and sustainable mobility solutions, This has lead NIU and its partners to inaugurate the first Milanese NIU Flagship Store operated by Francesco Zhou, which will open on October 5th, 2019 in Corso San Gottardo 9. This store, only dedicated to NIU vehicles, will offer to moto fans and users the possibility to come and learn first hand about the brand’s products, as well as its sustainable, revolutionary, urban mobility concept. NIU wants to use its store to enable direct contact with customers, which will create a whole new experience for purchasing an electric scooter.

NIU firmly believes in the re-shape of urban mobility by using smart electric scooters either for private use or public services (sharing or renting) to create a huge positive impact on people’s everyday life. Electric scooters are not only emission-free and almost silent, but also need less space than cars. which will reduce traffic as well as traffic jams in cities.

Further information on e_mob can be found at, further information on NIU at!