NIU Opens the First Flagship Store in Amsterdam

The world’s largest e-scooter brand responds to growth e-mobility in Europe 

The doors of NIU’s first European flagship store have been opened since this week. The official opening of the e-scooter shop, located at Van Baerlestraat 108 in Amsterdam, takes place on Saturday 27 January. NIU is an innovative and fast growing e-scooter brand from China that responds to the worldwide growth of e-mobility. The decision to open the first European flagship store in Amsterdam is based on NIU’s conviction that the Netherlands plays a key role in the international future of e-scooters.

European business card in Amsterdam: “The Netherlands is a forerunner in technology and partly because of its size is a very suitable test market for NIU. The Dutch are very attached to the freedom that two-wheelers offer them and are open to new innovations. This makes it a logical choice for us to establish our first European flagship store in Amsterdam, “says Joseph Constanty, International Director of NIU. The municipality of Amsterdam has expressed the ambition to be as emission-free as possible in the area of ​​traffic by 2025 and NIU offers the smart solution in the scooter segment with the sustainable e-scooter. 

800 million kilometers on the odometerNIU is the world’s largest e-scooter brand and has been available at various scooters since the end of 2017 on the Dutch market. The innovative brand started in 2015 with the production of the scooters after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Two years later, the brand has 500 stores in China and 400 sales points in Europe. In the meantime, more than 330,000 e-scooters around the world are traveling together, which together have more than 800 million kilometers on the odometer. NIU uses the large amount of riding data from all scooters to constantly optimize the performance of the software and new models. In addition to the latest technology, the design of the scooter is an important spearhead of the company. NIU has won several awards for the beautiful design of the e-scooters.

Responding to developments in the Netherlands: NIU is the brand behind the first smart e-scooter in the Netherlands. Through the NIU Cloud, an app that scooters are connected 24/7, the NIU software can regularly update on existing scooters and it is possible for the owner to remotely check the battery status, driving history or location of the scooter.With the opening of the first flagship store in Europe, NIU expresses the ambition to grow with their e-scooters in the Netherlands and Europe. “With the increasing air pollution, there are many changes in the Netherlands in the area of ​​mobility. The recent environmental zone in Amsterdam is an example of this. We know for sure that the Dutch are open to the transition to the sustainable e-scooter and with all the experience and knowledge that we bring from China, we can offer them a helping hand “says Joseph Constanty. The flagship store, a stone’s throw from the Museumplein, is the most recent visiting card for NIU. The visitor is given the opportunity to view the different models, to experience the functionality of the app and to take a ride on one of the test models.