NIU, the World’s Leading Two-Wheeled Electric Vehicles, Brand Launches Impossibly Light Carbon Fiber Kick Scooter

NIU is setting the gold standard for carbon fiber scooters with their engineering marvels, the KQi Air X and KQi Air.


NIU, the world-renowned leader in two-wheeled electric vehicles, proudly unveiled its groundbreaking carbon fiber scooters, the KQi Air X and the KQi Air, at IFA, Berlin, the world’s largest consumer electronics and home appliance trade show. The cutting-edge carbon fiber scooters will redefine the ultra-light electric scooter category setting new benchmarks in the industry, embodying NIU’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability.

YouTube Video: KQi Air. Impossibly Light

Weighing just 25.8lbs (11.7kg) , the KQi Air X boasts a full carbon fiber frame, whilst the KQi Air weighs 26.2lbs (11.9kg) with a carbon fiber (70%) and magnesium (30%) frame. The sister models, with exceptional power to weight ratio and over 40% lighter than competitors, guarantee unparalleled portability while delivering impressive performance built for the city. With a 20-mph (32km/h) top speed, 31-mile range (50km range), and 700-watt max power, the lightweight scooters will offer a thrilling and efficient ride, whether zipping through traffic, cruising around the city, or tackling hills with 20% hill climb.

Equipped with wide handlebars, large 9.5 inches tubeless tires and a broad, spacious deck, the KQi Air X and KQi Air deliver maximum riding comfort. Furthermore, the front-disc brake delivers enhanced stopping power while regenerative braking will extend both range and battery life.

“In an industry where heavy, high-performance scooters sacrifice portability, and lightweight options compromise on power, range and comfort, we set out to design an exceptionally light scooter with impressive performance” says NIU CEO, Dr Yan Li. “The KQi Air X and KQi Air are a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence while pushing the boundaries in carbon fiber engineering and design.”

YouTube Video: Engineering the Impossible. KQi Air X

Powered by innovative 21700 lithium-ion battery technology, the KQi Air X and KQi Air offer extended battery life and riding range, whilst the five-hour fast charging capability allows for minimal downtime.

Delivering next-level smart security, users will have the option to lock and unlock the KQi Air X and KQi Air through a custom NFC card, or via Bluetooth once the user’s phone is in range. These intelligent locking capabilities prevent unauthorized individuals from operating or riding the scooter, delivering users with peace of mind. Turn signals, an integrated electric horn and powerful front and rear lights also provide additional riding safety.

The NIU smart app is packed with more intelligent features than ever before, allowing users to stay informed, always connected and in control of their ride. Users will be able to customize a range of features including:

  • Selecting kick-to-start or zero-start mode.
  • Limiting the battery charging capacity in order to conserve battery life.
  • Limiting the top speed for first time users and to conserve battery life.
  • Opting for weak, moderate or strong levels of regenerative braking.
  • Selecting light or standard acceleration modes.
  • Adjusting the starting speed to suit rider preference.

Meticulously crafted with precision, the superior scooters utilize advanced all carbon fiber construction techniques, making it incredibly lightweight yet exceptionally strong.

“By harnessing the power of carbon fiber, we have achieved the perfect balance between weight reduction and performance enhancement, resulting in scooters that are more efficient. The collaborative efforts of our engineering, design and research teams have created game-changers in urban mobility.” says Dr Yan Li.

The KQi Air X will be available in a carbon fiber base design with a gold accent. The KQi Air will be available in a carbon fiber base design in 2 options: silver or red accent.

Both the KQi Air X and KQi Air scooters will be available for pre-sale in Europe and the US on September 19 on and available for delivery and purchase beginning in December 2023. Customers will have the opportunity to purchase limited edition models of the KQi Air X and KQi Air, first come first serve, at an exclusive pre-order offer of $1,399 ($1,799 retail price) and $949 ($1,399 retail price) respectively.

About NIU Technologies

As the world’s leader in two-wheeled electric vehicles, NIU is on a mission to redefine urban mobility and make life better. Available in more than 50 countries and listed on the Nasdaq, NIU has sold over 3,000,000 electric vehicles world-wide since launching their first e-moped in 2015. Designing and manufacturing high-performance electric motorcycles, e-mopeds, e-bikes and kick scooters, as of August 2023, NIU’s loyal users and fans have ridden over 11.8 billion miles around the world. For more company information, please visit