NIU Partners With Qover to Launch a Pan-European Embedded Motor Insurance Affinity Program for Their Mopeds

  • Niu has appointed Qover as insurance orchestrator to build their embedded pan-european insurance program. 
  • This affinity insurance program with Niu with be dedicated to mopeds – a first of its kind within digital motor affinity programs.

Niu Technologies (NASDAQ: NIU), the world’s leading provider of smart urban mobility solutions, is announcing partnership with Qover to build a Pan-European embedded insurance program to enable customers to easily get the right insurance for their electric mopeds. 

The tech-driven Pan-European digital insurance solution will be exclusively available for Niu customers who are looking for personalised coverage for their mopeds. This insurance product will be available for all models of mopeds from Niu, and different insurance plans will be offered in order to best meet Niu customers’ needs. 

This insurance program will be omnichannel and Niu customers will have two easy options to get a quote and subscribe insurance policy: an in-shop experience before being redirected to a digital solution or a fully digital process, with a flow starting from Niu’s app.

 This landmark deal opens the door to future collaboration between Niu and Qover on building smart insurance products leveraging telematics data in order to make Niu mopeds safer and reduce the total cost of ownership for its customers. 

The partnership between Niu and Qover aims at making this insurance program available to all customers across all Niu European markets. The two first markets where the program will be launched in 2023 are Germany and France. Other countries across Europe will follow in due course. 

Commenting on the partnership, CEO of Qover, Quentin Colmant said: “Our experience in pan-European motor programs enables us to explore new horizons, such as this unique affinity embedded insurance program for Niu mopeds. By leveraging telematics data from connected vehicles of all types, we aim to make roads safer and more affordable. This partnership with Niu represents our commitment to delivering tailored insurance solutions that align with our partners’ goals.” 

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About Qover 

Qover is an InsurTech that adds completely tailored cover to a company’s digital experience, increasing its opportunities to grow and decreasing the cost of insurance as the business scales. Since it was founded in 2016, Qover’s co-founders had a clear vision of the future of insurance: it must be simple, transparent and accessible across borders – a global safety net. Qover’s pan-European embedded insurance orchestration provides seamless digital insurance experiences to over 2.5 million users across 32 different countries, and works with longstanding partners like Revolut, Deliveroo, Canyon, Monese, Cowboy and many others.