INTERNSHIP – 3D Retail Designer

Job Title: 3D Retail Designer (1 Position Available)

Level: Internship  

Hiring Manager: Sieghart Michielsen, Director Europe

Contact Person: Sieghart Michielsen –

Company Intro:

NIU TECHNOLOGIES is the #1 Smart Scooter company in the world, having sold more than 640,000 scooters since the company launch in June 2015. Partnered with Bosch, Panasonic, Vodafone and other world-class suppliers, the team at NIU is changing the way we explore and commute in our urban environment.

The NIU INTERNATIONAL team is a group of entrepreneurial minded professionals that are building the global brand image, distribution channels, and international manufacturing partnerships.

We are looking for a motivated technical design student who can help us with retail design

– Create retail shop layouts based on floorplans and existing shop furniture pieces.
– Create retail shop-in-shop corner layouts based on floorplans and existing furniture pieces  
– Create 3D renderings of the layouts  
– Study best practice to understand the brand values and how to translate that in the designs of shops  
– Make a best practice booklet with do’s and don’ts based on best practice  
– Edit and produce each piece of content in such a way that it is ready to use by our contractors to build out stores