The Red Bulls lock horns in Munich

418 Test Drives took place on NIU dedicated test-drive track.

18,000 attendees for the Red Bull Rollercoaster skateboarding event.

80,000 attendees for Munich Mash for three days of action-packed sports.

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Munich, 1 July 2019 – As part of the Munich Mash three-day event, NIU participated at the Red Bull Roller Coaster and delivered over 418 test drives to attendees.

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The Red Bull Rollercoaster is a national skateboarding qualifier event from the German-speaking world in order to qualify for the Mash 2019 championships to crown the best all-around skater. Over a length of 400 meters, the track offers many varied features such as handrails, gaps and bowl corners and ends with a water gap at the bottom – the perfect parkour for the best international skaters of the world that takes place during Munich Mash in the Olympiapark. A total of 18 skaters competed for two spaces for the international championship, with defending champion Jake Ilardi, Florida, and Alex Midler, Connecticut, advancing to the final round.

NIU set-up a purpose-built test drive track area for attendees to ride electric. With a variety of smart scooters available to ride, NIU facilitated 418 test drives to allow riders to experience electric mobility and the innovative smart technologies within the vehicle.

The NIU Red Bull Rollercoaster Official Scooter
Images shot by Patrick Alasovic

To commemorate the event, Red Bull created a custom rollercoaster design and decorated a NIU M+ which was given away to a lucky fan as part of a raffle. The Red Bull Rollercoaster M+ exhibits a custom red bull sticker on the front and side panels.

Red Bull and NIU share more in common beyond using bull logos for both brands. Red Bull pushes the boundaries to challenges people’s concept of what is humanly possible. The NIU purpose is to change the way cities look and feel using smart technology. Our brands share the theme of going beyond a product, but to inspire our generation to explore its limits, and achieve something more. NIU is not a scooter company, nor are Red Bull an energy drinks company; Red Bull gives you wings, NIU unlocks your city – we are defined by how we change people’s perceptions and lifestyles, not by what we produce.

Photo Credit: Saúl Águilar and Patrick Alasovic

You can see Saúl’s work here, and you can see Patrick’s here